The Effect of Physical Therapy on Cerebral for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Some children were born with some inability like Cerebral Palsy. There are many other inability that came together genetically with the baby either because of the heredity from the parents of there was malfunction or malnutrition. All in all the problem in a baby can be seen physically when the baby born, but some inability in baby also possibly be seen after couple of months or even years. For example the blood problem Thalasemia can only be seen after few years that the baby is in a stage of taking bigger nutrition intake but the body doesn’t show the raising weight. The other inability like unparalleled eyes can be seen from child but the color blind needs to be checked before then the parents can proceed with the treatment. Talking about the Cerebral Palsy on child, some parents has found some therapy as a way out to increase their child motion ability and convinced by the effect of physical therapy on cerebral.

Let’s we see first what is the benefits of doing the Cerebral Palsy for the child who are accused by this disease. The benefits are not only felt by the children, but also the parents, caregiver, and people around the children. For the children the effect of physical therapy on cerebral will increase the self esteem with increasing ability to perform tasks, communicate with people, pulling his/her own wheelchair, moving from place to place and playing with peer or parents. The therapy will also increase the body strength as the children will feel less worried and pain free from the therapy. On some children that can live nearly like normal children, the effect of physical therapy on cerebral will also allow them to attend college, join some physical class and sport activity, work, and even married. That result on personal children with Cerebral Palsy is tested to not only strengthening the body but also the personality; making the children to be an independent individual in the future.

As we said that the effect of physical therapy on cerebral doesn’t only apply on the person with cerebral palsy but also the people around him or her. Parents and caregivers are the person who will find the increasing very relieving. They can have more time to spend with the children in a normal or close to normal way; the caring of the cerebral palsy kid will be less labor intensive, and less frustrating. It can also decrease the level of stress from the parents and caregiver.
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